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          • Sales manager throughout all the provinces

            job requirements:

            1. College degree or above, good learning ability, can adapt to industry changes in update;
            2. Machinery industry with IT industry sales or customer management experience is preferred;
            3. Have excellent industry development, strong ability of communication and coordination.
            4. Working location: can choose the country Home office (Home office)

            description of job:

            1. Responsible for industry, customer development and maintenance of customer relationships;
            2. The company set sales target and beyond. For the customer, customer resources are formed by sales skills;
            3. Responsible for the business opportunity analysis and sales forecast, sales plan, complete the sales task;
            4. Business negotiation and completion of the contract signing and payment.

          • Commercial attache

            job requirements:

            1. College or above, major in professional unlimited, fresh graduates are welcomed.
            2. More than half a year and sales experience, telephone sales, call center work experience is much better,;
            3. Character cheerful, strong communication skills, negotiating independently;
            4. I love sales, serious and responsible work;
            5. There is a certain compressive ability, teamwork ability;

            description of job:

            1. According to company strategy, by telephone, Internet and other channel for customer development, establishment of customer files;
            2. Introduce products to the target customer base and services (engineering simulation, electrical design, industrial design, mold design, PLM and PDM business), to understand the needs of the customer's current and dynamic, and make corresponding response, establish good brand image;
            3. Develop new customers, maintain old customers, customer demand for timely feedback tracking and follow-up service;
            4. Collect and analyze customer demand information;

          • General ledger accounting

            job requirements:

            1. Accounting, auditing, financial management professional full-time bachelor degree or above, not regular graduation declined an interview;
            2.3 years working experience in general ledger accounting, related accounting qualification certificate;
            3. High software enterprises or project companies such as enterprise accounting related working experience is preferred;
            4. Have good professional ethics and professional quality, teamwork, strong execution;
            5. Good command of accounting software, MS software, especially excel; Familiar with uf financial software is preferred.

            description of job:

            1. Daily documents audit: audit legitimacy, rationality and authenticity of the original documents; Communication and specifications, review of financial documents, effective supervision and inspection system of finance, budget implementation and the appropriate and timely adjustment;
            2. The accounting treatment: correctly handle daily receipts, according to the accounting system and accounting standards and accounting treatment, preparation of financial statements independently;
            3. Sales processing: with data department and business department check the revenue data, registration revenue parameter, follow up reconciliation and collecting payment;
            4. Daily tax: complete financial tax related work, such as issue VAT invoices, tax returns, liquidation, etc.;
            5. Regular audits: cooperate with internal and external audit work, provide the required data;
            6. Qualification declaration: the software enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, industrial and commercial annual report such as qualification or annual report filing work;
            7. To finish other tasks assigned by the supervisor.

          • Justice commissioner

            job requirements:

            1. Bachelor degree or above, 2 years of relevant working experience is preferred, who won the debate is preferred;
            2. Compressive ability strong, agile thinking; Have the consciousness of rights maintenance and know the intellectual property rights is preferred;
            3. The eloquence good, is good at to communicate with people, logical thinking ability, strong analytical skills and ability;
            4. Learning, understanding, strain, and accept ability strong, studious aspirant, handle affairs composed meticulous, honest and reliable, have good customer service consciousness, work excellently.

            description of job:

            1. Through the way of telephone and interview, maintenance of intellectual property and business negotiations.

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